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USDA FSA Relief Program for Farmers

ERP Phase 2

July 14th Deadline ...

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ERP Phase 2

The USDA FSA Emergency Relief Program Phase 2 is intended to help farmers recover losses that may have occurred in 2020 and and 2021 due to a disaster event.

Review The Checklist

About ERP Phase 2

ERP Phase 2 can get quite confusing so we put together a single page for the current information available. Because the closing dates are fast approaching, we wanted to make sure you had access to the info in one place. 

The Checklist

Stay Organized...

It's important to be organized. This program has had extensions and changes and so its difficult to stay on top of it all. This will help!


The first 2 videos were hosted by FLAG and Rural Coalition. The 3rd video is hosted by USDA. They provide an a great resource to help you navigate and better understand the program.


The forms are listed and links to the USDA FSA pages and links where the forms are made available
These forms are FSA-521, FSA-522, AD-2047, CCC-901, CCC-902, CCC-860, AD-1026, FSA-510

Get Help

Rural Coalition is offering telephone support and office hours. By filling out the form you will be put in touch with Kaneesha who will be glad to help.

Get The Guide

The most comprehensive and detailed guide on ERP2 put together by FLAG (Farmers Legal Action Group) is available for free download.

Recommended Steps to Apply

This program has been rolled out very quickly and we highly recommend you do the following

    Watch The Videos

     This is a three video series. Video 1 and 2 are hosted by Farm Aid and Rural Coalition respectively and help to explain the ERP Phase 2  Program. Video 3 is hosted by USDA and goes into detail on how to fill out the main form FSA-521 

    View The Guide

    The "Farmers Guide To The Emergency Relief Program (ERP) Phase 2" put out by FLAG is extremely detailed and provides the best deep dive overview of the ERP2 program.

    Access Forms

    The forms FSA -521 and FSA-522 must be completed by July 14th, 2023. If you are an entity you must complete CCC-901


The Deadlines Are Fast Approaching

Video 1

Hosted by Farm Aid. Guests from FLAG Stephen & Lindsay
May 2023

Video 2

Hosted by Rural Coalition
June 2023

Video 3

Hosted by USDA
Detailed Overview of Form  521
May 2023

Video Will Open Im A New Tab

ERP Phase 2 Application Forms

Main application form due on
July 14th, 2023

The Crop Insurance form also due
on July 14th, 2023. 

This should be on file with FSA. 
You will need this  for your application 

It's a good idea to have these on file
and work to have your farm info on

If you are an entity you will have to
have this submitted by July 14th.

This is a very important plan that
you should have on file with USDA. 
It helps get you in the system and is
basis for many of their programs.

This is particularly helpful to
individuals and entities that fall in
any one of these categories.

If you want to claim more you can
also pursue this option which
maxes out at $900 000.

This is also another often looked

over form but really needs to be part

of what is on file with FSA.


These materials are not attorney-client legal advice or tax advice and are intended to only provide general information. Farmers and others with specific questions should consult an attorney or an accountant  for advice regarding their particular situation.  With respect to any opinions, findings, conclusions, or recommendations expressed herein, neither the United States Government nor Operation Spring Plant, Rural Coalition, Land Loss Prevention Project  makes any warranty, express or implied, or assumes any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information, apparatus, product, or process disclosed, or represents that its use would not infringe privately owned rights. Users bear the sole responsibility for decisions affecting program participation and may want to consult other resources.

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